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Name: WC Storry Jr
Date: 05/20/2019
Message: I'm glad we have a company, such as this one, that we can find and order this type of clothing which has some of our history that people can see when we go out in public. I'm proud to wear thee story of so many whom have been kept a secret from so many of our melanin people. ✌🏿And 1 ❤️ Family!

Name: C.lowry
Date: 03/09/2019
Message: I love my shirts!! Especially when people stop, and ask where did you get your t-shirts from. I am currently buying t-shirts of our women like Billie Holliday and Dorothy Dandridge. Would love to see t-shirts with lola folana, Brenda skyes, vonetta McGee.

Name: Mr. & Mrs. Aaron and Sandra Finney
Date: 02/24/2019
Message: new the shirts!

Name: Henry Smith; hdsmith000
Date: 02/06/2019
Message: Still looking for the Underground Railroad blueprint on a shirt also looking for the pool room with assortment of Black leaders especially Obama.

Name: reginald Simpson
Date: 02/04/2019
Message: glad to support black owned business I follow your page on Instagram my Instagram Instagram Melanated_soul72

Name: Hazelphine Townsend
Date: 12/21/2018
Message: I love your tee shirts and I will continued to support you as long as you guys are black owned.

Name: Steve Black Mambba Hardison
Date: 12/20/2018
Message: No Cucci, louis, fendi, prada, or versace for me.

Date: 08/04/2018
Message: Wholesale?

Name: Toni Washington
Date: 06/27/2018
Message: Can you email me when you get new shirts and thank you

Name: Joyce L Horsley
Date: 06/22/2018
Message: Great web site love the themes.

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email usour twitterour facebook page
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